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  • Short guided video meditations texted to your phone everyday
  • Instant access to our entire library of breathing exercises & Meditations

Short Guided Video Meditations texted to you everyday

These Meditations are scientifically proven to help with:

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Improving Concentration and Focus

Reducing negative Thoughts and Feelings

Improving Confidence and Self Image

Let’s be honest; social media isn’t always the best place to work on your mental health. 

That’s where we come in. We text you short guided video exercises everyday.

So are you ready to breathe and think better?

$4.99/month. Cancel Anytime.

You will gain Instant Access to the Following Exercises...

Plus Weekly Live Classes, Community Discord, and a variety of Meditations and Breathing Exercises...

$20/month. Cancel Anytime.


New Exercises sent to you everyday...

Open the door to your new practice.

Enjoy Instant Access to hundreds of short video-form exercises. Recieve a new exercise delivered to directly to your phone each day. Chat with the founders Jake and Danny on a regular basis, getting feedback & implementing it into your practice. This isn't just an app. It's the beginning of a movement.

Breathe Better Think Better

Thousands have benefited from just 1 minute of exercise everyday. Just watch our videos on tik tok for proof. Now it's time to create lasting change. This is through consistency. And that's why we built our Members Area. Jake and Danny held eachother accountable. Now leave it up to us to hold you accountable.
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Jake Twomey

Jake Twomey

I'm on a mission to spread Peace, Love and Joy!

Danny Trifone

Danny Trifone

Teaching from a place of Calm and Clarity