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We invite YOU to be a guest host in our new Challenges section of our Blue Door newsletter!

Challenges are simple exercises for your mind and body presented in a selfie style video.

Challenges are emailed to our audience of 550 people and presented inside of our newsletter.

Challenges are quick and to the point – they should take about 5 minutes to complete. 

We post your challenge on our website where we drive up to 30,000 unique visitors per month.

Your challenge could be a simple stretch, breathing exercise, meditation, journaling prompt, etc.

Here are examples of past Challenges:

Challenge: Set a Fitness Goal

Challenge hosted by Leah Rich 

Challenge: Write down 5 Dreams

Challenge hosted by Arnold Gia

We challenge YOU to be a guest host

What will we need from you?

1. Selfie style video presenting the exercise (approx 1 minute)

2. Links to Instagram, FB page, Website, etc. to receive proper credit

3. Reshare to Social Media after we post

Do you have a friend that would make a great host for a challenge? Share this page with them!