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What are the risks or the downsides of NOT taking control of your breath? For not maximizing the potential of your mind? Not preparing yourself before falling down the rabbithole of crippling thoughts?
The repercussions of not learning how to control your breath and mind are downright miserable. Especially now that we are connected to the internet 24/7. 
Shutting off the mind is impossible, unless you’re dead. So learning how to use your mind, and your breath, has never been more important.
Weekly you will receive a live guided breathwork and mindfulness exercises. Most of which will be taught by me, Jacob Twomey, the person you see on this Tik Tok page. 
If you can’t make the Live-guided exercises, they will be recorded and uploaded to our membership area for you to practice at your convenience.
As soon as you join our Community membership area – you can begin the exercises right away. 
You will also get access to our entire library of breathing exercises and meditations. Which you can practice at your own pace. 
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$20/month. Cancel Anytime.