What are we all about?

Blue Door operates our entire business based on our values. Health, Community, Intelligence, Creativity, and Optimism. The list goes on…

But to make it simple, we’re focusing on the one value that we cannot live without – our health.

The biggest factors that affect our health are our personal well-being, the planet we live on, and the community we surround ourselves with.

Think about it – if we don’t feed ourselves properly, take care of our minds, protect our planet, and nurture our community, then we won’t have our health. When we boil it all down, these really are the most important things for all of us.

So we created a company that completely focuses on these aspects of our life.

In our Well-being section, you can find Challenges that benefit your Body and Mind.

We learned that brain exercises work the same way as physical exercises. Focus exercises improve our focus, breathing exercises put us in a powerful state of mind, creative writing makes us more creative. So we cover all of these subjects and share them with you in a punchy and casual way.

Our Planet section covers stories happening around the world that directly and indirectly affect all of us.

We all share the same air, the same water, the same land. This all has an impact on our health. So we dig deep and uncover stories about the people and organizations that are making our planet a better place to live.

And our Community section covers all of the stories that make our communities stronger.

There’s endless research showing that we all live longer and healthier lives when we have a strong community. So we make it a focus to shine light on the members of our community that are making the world a better place to live. And we do this in a fun and entertaining way. Cause that’s important too.

Everything we cover and report all comes back to our health; the one thing we can’t operate without.

Our voice is our daily email newsletter; a one-stop-shop for uplifting information on our well-being, planet, and community.

We welcome you to join our community to make this voice louder. We can’t do this alone.

Take the first step and walk through the Blue Door. There’s Positive News waiting for you on the other side.

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