The Blue Door. TBD.

It’s just another name idea for our company.

Why, The Blue Door?

Because it sounds so easy going and chillll.

The logo can be a blue door with a window in the middle of the door. The window can be a representation of whatever is behind that door.

Similar to the way google.com will dress up their letters for a holiday. We’ll dress up our doors so they can represent what’s behind them.

✋🏼  Stop right there. We won’t be celebrating most holidays here at The Blue Door. We just don’t find deep meaning in them.


Well, why do you celebrate them? Did someone tell you to do so. Where did they hear it from?

I have a feeling if you trace it far back enough, the person who created the holiday made a pretty penny from it.

It’s neither right or wrong. We just want to know why…

With that being said, I’m going to get my Christmas shopping done early this year so I’m not stressing.


I know what I said. But guess what, my Mother still loves Christmas. So imma get her a gift.

What are we going to celebrate at The Blue Door? Well, that’s TBD 😉

But seriously, what are the things you can find behind The Blue Door?

You’ll find Danny, our Senior Writer, walking his dog Clyde, and snacking on a piece of beef jerky.

Wait. What?

Danny’s not a vegan?

Nope, I’m the only vegan so far. Sitting here drinking tea with a healthy serving of local honey.

AH! Honey… the stuff from bees.

Looks like I’m not vegan either.

I suppose I don’t know enough about bees and their impact on the environment yet. We’ll add that to our list of research…

What else will you find behind The Blue Door?

You’ll find Heather, our graphic designer, eating a veggie burrito with cheese and sour cream. I don’t eat dairy- so that’s a Heather jab.

Sorry Heather, I’m just jealous of the burrito.

Cashew cheese rise up!

I’m not even going to graze over what Andy, our co-founder, is doing right now. He’s probably eating raw fish sushi at a lunch meeting. Savage.

Anyways, we’re all hypocrites.

One thing is consistent, behind The Blue Door, is a judge-free zone.

It’s a group of collaborators that genuinely enjoy creating things.

We’re working towards tearing down the doors that gatekeepers have built to cover things up.

We’ll replace them with a nice blue door with a big window so people can see what heck is going on back there.

We just wanna know what’s in our Food.

We wanna know how it effects our Planet.

We want to shape our Community and not let these giant companies come in and do it so they can profit off our stress.

We’re looking past the labels and reading the ingredients list.

We’re looking past the ingredients and seeing how companies treat their employees.

The Blue Door stands for TBD. Because we only know one thing for sure, the future is to be determined.

It’s up to us to determine the shape of our future.

We love to bounce projects around and dream up big ideas.

The more brains we can put together the more creative we can get.

And we couldn’t be more grateful for you to be here and reading this.

So thank you for joining us.

peace and love,

– Jake “TBD” Twomey