We all have that pair of leather pants we just can’t get enough of.


Either way, there’s something about the look and feel of leather. But, as a conscious consumer, leather is a big no-no. It’s just not cool to wear dead animals. 

Furthermore, the environmental pollution associated with the creation of traditional leather is often overlooked. Tanners treat animal-based leather with 250 different substances, including formaldehyde, cyanide, and arsenic. These nasty chemicals can enter local waterways, polluting the ocean and marine life. 

Combine that with the carbon emissions that come with raising livestock and we’ve got a big problem that needs solving.  

Two Mexican entrepreneurs, Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, stepped up to the challenge. 

They are the first to create a vegan leather out of cactus leaves. The cruelty-free leather is called Desserto. The material feels like animal-based leather, is flexible, breathable, and lasts for over 10 years. Companies can use it for furniture, cars, clothing, and accessories.

Check them out here. These guys know what’s up. 

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