Water is perhaps the most valuable resource on the planet, yet we literally flush it down the toilet every day.

Toilet flushing accounts for about 30% of the wolds domestic water demand. With over 750 million people lacking access to clean freshwater, forgoing the flush could make a massive impact worldwide. 

We’re not saying you should stop flushing, please don’t do that, but isn’t it about time we come up with a better solution?

Well, Saltwater toilets could be splashing onto the scene in the near future, saving TRILLIONS of gallons of freshwater every year. 

We use bacteria to break down pollutants in our wastewater and unfortunately, they can’t live in saltwater. But, scientists have recently found bacteria in the Red Sea which can break down our waste and guess where it lives; saltwater. 

Salty toilets would be a huge step towards worldwide access to clean water and that is good news.