Imagine waking up every day, knowing you had no clean water to drink.

This is a reality for 1 in 3 people around the world. 

This was the case for every single person in the coastal village of Kiunga, Kenya. Five years of drought had forced the residents to drink and wash from saltwater wells, leading to kidney failure, dehydration, and body sores. 

GivePower, a new age non-profit focused on changing the way we view charity, took on the challenge of bringing a sustainable water source to the folks of Kiunga. 

Considering that the village is on the coast, the best way to tackle the issue would be to desalinate the available saltwater, however, desalination was too energy-intensive and expensive. 

In stepped Tesla. 

Tesla Energy’s Powerall batteries and solar panel combination allowed the team to create an off-grid desalination system that pumps out 20,000 gallons of fresh water every single day. 

Utilizing the excess water has spurred an economy for the residents, with water delivery businesses and clothes-washing services popping up. 

The emergence of GivePower’s Tesla battery and solar-powered desalination solutions is a massive step forward for clean water production. It also comes at a pivotal time, with over 50% of the global population at risk of having inadequate access to drinking water by 2025. 

There around thousands of people and hundreds of organizations around the world working to solve this problem. Look for future articles to highlight some of the other amazing breakthroughs taking place around the world. 

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