Now you can aimlessly browse the internet and feel good about yourself. Well, to an extent anyway.

A new search engine company called Ekoru is donating 60% of its revenue to finance eco-friendly charities. The more you click, the more they donate. Simple as that. 

Currently, their partners include Big Blue Ocean Cleanup a non-profit cleaning up the oceans, and Operation Posidonia,  a project which reforests oceans by planting seagrass. 

In addition to their donations, all of Ekoru’s servers are powered by hydro-electricity allowing you to surf the internet while being environmentally friendly. Now that is rad. 

Ekoru was founded by Husband-wife team Ati Bakush and Alison Lee who live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

“We have been personally affected by climate change,” says Lee. “Over the past few years, Malaysia has been blanketed by a cloud of polluted air, a result of the Sumatran forest being burned for commercial purposes.”

“We cannot turn away anymore. We have to do something. Ekoru is our way of doing something. To me and my husband, this is not just a career, it is our life purpose.”

Support their life’s mission, and our planet, by checking out the website today. Try searching for Blue Door Media!

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