It’s a journey to get there, so deep in the woods, almost no service. It gathers the largest group of present humans since before cell phones. Can you imagine17,000+ people dancing in the woods?

Our crew flew into Calgary and drove a full day through Banff National Park. The drive through the beautiful mountainside is so remote and so natural that there are bridge crossings designed for animals only.

Upon entering the campground – you’re surrounded by a working farm, lush green mountain tops stretching into the clouds, and friendly festival workers directing you to your camp area with a smile on their face.

Photo: James Coletta

“It creates this ultimate feeling of appreciation and excitement,” says Kaskade.

Once inside the festival, you become immersed with music, powered by almighty PK sound.

 Big B, a founding member of PK sound was there, tuning the speakers himself.

Photo: James Coletta

We caught him DJing his own set on Friday night at the Village stage.

“Some of the world’s best artists will tell you it’s the best sounding stage in the world,” says one festival organizer.

But for weeks after the festival, I still could not accurately describe how magical a place it was.

And honestly, I didn’t think much of it. That’s how it’s always been, right? It’s impossible to describe such epic adventures to someone who wasn’t there…

Photo: James Coletta

Many weeks passed… and a friend hit me up and asked me to send him some of my footage from the trip.

So I started going through the footage.

There’s footage of JAUZ at the Village and Troyboi in the Amphitheater.

And LSDREAM early Monday morning in the Pagoda.

Photo: James Coletta

Then there was this clip of our squad after the festival. Under a rainbow in the midst of Wapta Falls. Hysterically laughing at a Facebook post from the Shambhala page.

So I rewound the video to come across what we were laughing so hard at. Shambhala had posted to their Facebook page – a photo of a wheelchair that someone forgot. The caption was, ‘Another Shaaaambhala miracle!!!’

Someone forgot their wheelchair at the festival.

Just, magical.

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