The folks in Earlham, Iowa woke up to some unexpected stocking stuffers on Tuesday morning. 

An anonymous donor surprised the entire town of 1,400 with three $50 gift cards to local restaurants. 

Instead of going the reindeer and sleigh route, the mystery benefactor coordinated with the mayor’s office and arranged for the city to deliver the goods to every household via mail. 

In total, the gift giver dropped over $82,000, putting money in the pockets of the local businesses as well as food in the bellies of the town residents. 

Jennifer Trostel, one of the small business owners said “I couldn’t even believe what was happening. I was so grateful I started to cry. I couldn’t believe that people would actually want to help us in such a huge way and I can’t even fathom that kind of help.”

Hats off to the doner for providing much-needed hope and support in a time of great need!