Captain Tom Moore is becoming quite the popular man.

The WWII vet and UK native is set to turn 100 years old on April 30th. He set a goal for his centennial year, to walk the length of his garden 100 times, and to raise $1,000 dollars for healthcare workers. 

Not only did he hit his mark of 100 laps with more than 10 days to spare, but his donation goal was also surpassed…by about $34 million dollars. 

After his crowdfunding campaign went internationally viral the donations started pouring in. And they never stopped. 

It is now the single largest individual fundraiser in the history of the UK. 

Almost 1,000,000 people have signed a petition this week to have Tom knighted for his efforts.

When News reporters asked Captain Tom about the initiative, he simply chuckled and said: “Sir Thomas Moore—that sounds good, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

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