Ever read the Giving Tree as a kid? If you said no, it may be time to reevaluate your life. 

Just kidding. But seriously, you should read it

Anyway, a real life giving tree of sorts has popped up in the small town of Lisbon, Iowa. Only this one has something different to offer; protective masks. 

Deb Siggins, 55, has sewn hundreds of face masks and hung them on a tree near her home for friends, family, neighbors and local community members to grab when they need one.

Her efforts started as a simple act of kindness to help out a local hospital. St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids had sent out a request asking people to sew masks for their health care workers facing shortages amid the coronavirus pandemic, and Siggins was determined to help.

As more and more requests came in, it became clear that there was a real shortage of masks in her community. 

To help with the shortage while maintaining social distancing guidelines, Siggins hangs up her homemade masks on the tree. She regularly restocks the masks, which she says usually disappear within a day of her hanging them up.

“I’m a giver, not a taker, so I’m always happy to help,” Siggins said.