Nathaniel Moore graduated this year from the University of Vermont with an MBA. Like thousands of other graduates around the world, he participated in a virtual ceremony.

Rather than letting his graduation gown go to waste, Moore did a little bit of research and donated it to a hospital to repurpose as personal protection equipment (PPE). 

That decision inspired him to create and launch a new company: Gowns 4 Good

The initiative pairs up graduates (or anyone with a gown) with a healthcare facility in need. In the past month, Moore has repurposed over 10,000 gowns into PPE. 

“The gowns definitely signify a monumental time in their (graduates) lives,” Moore told CNN, “but what good is your gown doing hanging in your closet for years collecting dust when it could be having an immediate impact in someone else’s life?”

As of today, more than 90,000 requests have been submitted to Gowns 4 Good by healthcare facilities.