In most stories about storks, the babies that they bring into the world are, strangely enough, human. 

Thankfully, that’s not how it works in the real world. But, we do have a story today about some actual baby storks. And these are some very important babies. 

For the first time in over 600 years, white stork chicks have been born in the wild in England. 

Talk about a streak breaker. The news was reported by the White Stork Project, who had been carefully monitoring the nest for several weeks. 

“After waiting 33 days for these eggs to hatch, it was extremely exciting to see signs that the first egg had hatched on May 6. The parents have been working hard and are doing a fantastic job, especially after their failed attempt last year,” Lucy Groves, a project officer for the White Stork Project, said in the press release.

Although it’s unclear exactly why white storks have long struggled in the UK, scientists believe a combination of habitat loss and overhunting are the main contributors. 

Interestingly enough, white storks were also associated with rebellion during the English Civil War and were actively hunted down. 

The White Stork Project, which aims to re-establish the species, is a joint venture between private landowners and wildlife conservation organizations.

The goal is to restore a population of at least 50 breeding pairs of white storks in southern England by 2030.