Former banker Brian Taylor is hitting the road in the name of well-groomed doggos. 

After seeing a steep decline in business at his doggie day spa located in Harlem, Brian closed up shop. He continued offering dog grooming services using his van, however, he quickly realized that many of his regular clients could no longer afford to have their pups pampered.

Taylor is affectionately known in his neighborhood as The Dogfather of Harlem.

“The name is self-proclaimed,” Taylor told CNN. “Anything related to dogs in Harlem and New York, I’ve always been involved, or my business has supported it.”

Brian announced a Pandemic Pup Relief Fund to raise money for grooming services for those who couldn’t afford it. He quickly raised a few thousand dollars and was able to serve the New York community. But, he was soon receiving requests from all over the country, so he decided to hit the road. 

His 8-day journey will start in Harlem and finish in LA, stopping in several cities and offering grooming services free of charge. Along the way, Taylor hopes to connect with as many black-owned grooming shops and shelters as possible. 

“There are not a lot of black people who own grooming businesses. Support comes when you give support,” he told CNN.  

After seeing his campaign on social media, groomers across the country are offering to help out. He’s also received free supplies from multiple companies. 

So far, the tour has stops planned in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington D.C, and Dallas.

“We are going to stop and groom dogs at no cost,” he says, noting that people love animals like family. “You have to show people how passionate you are. It just feels good.”