Florabotics is a team of current and former robotics grad students from the University of California, San Diego working on the future of sustainable commercial agriculture. 

They are currently developing AI software and robotics to help crop farmers reach new levels of efficiency and sustainability. 

CEO and Co-Founder Camilo Arevalo told Blue Door that “Some of the problems that specialty crop farmers like strawberry growers face are uncertainty around where all the harvestable crops are on the field and when to harvest them, as well as how to accurately forecast yield.”

“This often leads to a percentage of harvestable crops left to waste on the field and inaccurate harvest estimates that hurt profitability for farmers when negotiating with grocery chains,” he added.

Florabotics uses artificial intelligence and camera systems to solve these problems by collecting close-up, high fidelity images of the field for analysis. This allows them to perform yield predictions at a level of detail unmatched by traditional drone or satellite imagery. 

This effectively cuts down on food waste, removing the burden on farmers and supply chains.

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