Traveling is always hectic and current challenges haven’t made it any easier. 

In fact, the thought of taking a vacation right now might seem downright ludicrous. 

But, right now might actually be the perfect time to plan a vacation, one with a very close and well-known destination; your own home town. 

Tonya Dalton productivity expert and author of The Joy of Missing Out believes that it’s even more important to take a break during stressful times. 

“Let’s reframe how we look at vacation,” Dalton recently told INC

“Instead of thinking that it’s just this frivolous time away, choose to look at it as an investment in your own mental and sometimes physical well-being. It actually makes you more productive, invigorated, and excited about the work you’re going to do.”

Staycations have a few distinct advantages. For one, they are significantly less stressful and expensive. Have you ever gotten back from a trip and felt that you needed a vacation from your vacation? You’re not alone.

Staying local on your break also allows you the time to do the things you’ve been putting off; visiting local trails or landmarks, ordering take-out from that new restaurant, or finally sitting down for a picnic at the park across town. 

It also gives you the chance to support your local businesses who need it now more than ever.

And if you’re worried about being bored, well, you can turn that into a positive too.

“Boredom is one of the best things for our creativity. Allowing time for open spaces for your brain to play and explore is incredibly beneficial,” Dalton says. 

Science backs her up here as well.

Taking vacation (even one at home) is good for your brain too. Boosted creativity, decreased risk of depression, and increased productivity are a few of the well-documented benefits. 

So if you find yourself with some vacation time, or if you’re still waiting to go back to work, take some time to enjoy your local community. Your brain (and wallet) will thank you!