As of July 7th, the major Australian city of Sydney is now officially running on 100% renewable energy, according to a press release

All of the cities’ operations including street lights, swimming pools, council buildings, and even the Sydney Town Hall, will run off entirely renewable sources.

The energy is sourced from one wind farm and two solar farms located in New South Wales. 

This is the biggest green energy deal in Australia’s history. 

Home to about 250,000 people, Sydney has been carbon neutral since 2007. 

“Cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, so it is critical that we take effective and evidence-based climate actions,” says Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore

“We are in the middle of a climate emergency. If we are to reduce emissions and grow the green power sector, all levels of government must urgently transition to renewable energy,” she adds. 

As C02 levels in the atmosphere continue to rise, countries like Australia are making big steps towards a solution. 

Sydney is slated to hit its goal of a 70% decrease in emissions by 2024 — 6 years ahead of schedule.