A new startup company called TechniSoil is repurposing plastic into cheap asphalt for roads. 

The company has recently completed its first highway in Oroville, CA. The plastic rich mixture uses the equivalent of 150,000 bottles per mile

Plastic roads not only knock down pollution, but they make for stronger, more durable highways.

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“Traditional asphalt roads rely on rock for the strength of the road,” says Sean Weaver, president of TechniSoil.

“With our pavement, it relies on the matrix of a plastic binder for the strength, and the rock is simply a filler.” 

The prototype pavement resists potholes and cracking and can last two to three times longer than standard asphalt.

Another plus side? We’ve got a buttload of plastic just laying around. 

In 2017 the US alone generated over 35 million tons of it, and less than 9% was recycled. 

TechniSoil is already working on new projects in California and beyond with no end in sight.