If you’re wandering around the Bay Area in California, you may stumble upon a white refrigerator decked out with paintings. 

Inside there could be any number of delicious goodies, including cartons of eggs, loaves of bread, and fresh fruits, and veggies; all free for the taking.

The fridge is a part of the #FoodGiving campaign, put on by wholesale grocery delivery startup company Cheetah

Cheetah says they were inspired by the community fridges that have popped up in cities like NY during the pandemic. 

“The reason we fell in love with this idea is that Cheetah is a regular, very active food donor,” says Na’ama Moran, Cheetah co-founder, and CEO.

“The idea of the community fridges takes that a step further because it brings the food donation all the way down to the individual.”

The project will cut down on the company’s food waste by making products available to the public before they spoil. 

Cheetah plans to restock the refrigerators each week using the company’s delivery vans. They also encourage community members and local restaurants to fill them with their extra food.

Right now Cheetah has two fridges set up — one in San Jose and another in Oakland — with plans to expand.

“We believe that we actually have the ability to operate [community fridges] at a much bigger scale than individuals could,” Moran says. 

“We’re willing to finance the fridges. We would love to commission more fridges to be decorated by artists, we just need more locations.”

If you know of a non-profit in the Bay Area that would be a good location, or if you just want to get involved, click here to contact Cheetah!

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