The Social Papers


August 28th, 2020.

I published my first Instagram Reel. It got 500 views in an hour, 2x to 3x than a typical video would generate for me in the first hour.

Something to note – my likes in comparison to views were low, in comparison to my other instagram videos likes to views ratio.

August 28th - September 2nd, 2020

I publish 7 Reels for @jaketwomey. Raking in over 10k views.

All of the Reels hit the Explore page. I know this because when I go to my explore page shortly after I post, my video is there. Oftentimes in the top spot. 

I’m also seeing my friend @leahonthemic Reels on the explore page as well. 

Another reason why I know the videos are on the explore page is because they are getting likes from randoms.


For every 100 hundred likes, my account would attract two new followers.


The views are up because the nature of a Reel has quick cuts. I imagine a user scrolling over the video on the explore page counts as a view. Or maybe they have to click on it? I suspect it’s former. I’m open to a fact check.


September 3rd, 2020.

I archive 250 Instagram posts on my personal account @jaketwomey going back to 2012.

September 4th, 2020

I produce two of what I believe to my best Reels yet.

Why do I think these Reels are the best?

My whole body is perfectly framed in the video. Sound and lighting is good. I apply quick cuts and pop-up text on the screen. 


I’m also using a popular “mood” filter. Instagram will show your video to other users who express interest in the Mood filter. It works like a hashtag.


And I used four hashtags ranging from 15mil to 130k in total tags respectfully – #selfcare #selflove #affirmations #positiveaffirmations 


Both the videos got 75% less views than my previous 7 Reels produced between August 28th and September 2nd. 

September 4th, 6 hours later. .

I unarchive 27 posts and put them back on my feed.

September 5th, 2020

The two new Reels doubled in views from yesterday. The 7 Reels posted from Aug 28 – Sep 2 are continually gaining 10-50 per day.

Lesson Spotlight:

Having a long withstanding profile of videos with quality engagement and likes is a factor of whether instagram’s algorithm will favor your profile with new Features. 


My first 7 Reels were automatically having success on the Explore page. But when I archived 250 Posts, it told the algorithm something that knocked my profile off that trusted list. 


Putting 27 videos back on my feed has appeared to help.

September 5th, 2020

I unarchived 70 more posts from my feed. Mixing in posts from 2012-2020.

September 8th, 2020

Published three videos to @bluedoormedia. I used trending songs and started them all with ‘5 reasons why you should do something…’ They got 142, 120, and 122 views after 24 hours.