The Royal Australian Mint has begun producing ‘Donation Dollar’ coins  — a specially made $1 coin that it hopes will promote charitable donations. 

25 Million of the coins will be released over the course of the next couple of years. They can be used just like normal currency, but Australians are urged to give them to people in need.

The special coin has a green center with a gold ripple design, symbolizing the long-lasting repercussions that each donation can make.

Mint chief executive Ross MacDiarmid said he wanted Australians to notice the distinctive design when they picked it up, and think about who might need the dollar the most. 

“Hopefully, they will look at the message that is being conveyed on that coin and they will look to donate it,” he said.

That message is embossed around the green center: “give to help others”.

In some countries, charitable donations have increased quite dramatically during the last few months, while dwindling in others. 

The Australian government hopes that this incentive will help their non-profits and charitable organizations bounce back in the coming months.