If you are looking for good news about our planet; look no further! If you missed last week’s check it out here.

Let’s check out some positive things happening for our environment.

This 20-year project restored a massive swath of seagrass meadows off the Virginia coast. 

Japan is the latest country to pledge carbon neutrality by 2050. 

This new wildlife crossing will help protect mountain lions from L.A. drivers on the 101. 

Newly designed affordable housing uses plastic waste instead of concrete. 

Remember Boyan Slat? His Ocean Cleanup project just released its first official product made from ocean plastic. 

This man is creating sustainable (and very real) diamonds from captured C02

Now, let’s check out what’s going on in the animal kingdom!

This rescue dog’s poop-sniffing skills are helping save endangered killer whales.

Scientists have discovered that playing music underwater attracts young fish to coral reefs.

Quiet waters during the pandemic are allowing researchers to hear these endangered dolphins. 

Deep-sea “light show” captured for the first time in high-def images and video. 

Scientists find a Madagascar chameleon last seen 100 years ago.

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