What’s behind the door

Lifestyle, community, food, wellness, creation and art. We believe moderation kills creativity.

We work like lions and rest like bears.

We seek stimulation, love, adventures, stories and rest. And we achieve this on our own time.

There’s no such thing as a 9-5 in our world. There’s no such thing as having to check your phone 20 times per day. There’s freedom to work on your own time. There’s energy and creation and humans being kind humans to one another.

The more you work, the more you reward, the more you can share, the more you can gain.

It’s a sustainable lifestyle based around hard work, kindness, creativity and love.

We cook delicious meals of whole grains, fruits & vegetables. Host events that rock your socks off. Celebrate and party like rockstars.

We carve time to eat delicious meals with our closest family. Laugh and tell stories with our closest family and friends.

We help others. Lesson on our footprint on the planet.

We are young and energetic til the day we die — and we love our community.

Blue Door