It’s just art, Man.

ART: The application of human creative skill and imagination.
 Creating something that instills feelings in another person. 

Creating art is empowering, cool, and it can be incredibly lucrative. If you know how to sell it. 

The problem with artists using online platforms (Etsy, Craigslist, etc.) is they have problems conveying their message over the internet.  

As a result their art doesn’t sell.

Additionally, selling merchandise in public space without a permit is a crime.

Unless, you can accurately convey that what you’re selling conveys a message. 

Which makes it art. 

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Photo by Beata Ratuszniak

Consequently, selling art is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  

More and more cities around the country are recognizing this. Hence more and more artists are making a living creating art. Doing something they love. 

That makes us happy.

Do you or someone you know make and sell art? We’d love to feature them.

Just respond to this email.  

Danny “Tuna-Cat Creations” Trifone