The environment has spoken.

Plastic is getting banned.

127 countries have enacted some form of plastic ban as of August, 2019.

Experts say there’s going to be more plastic than fish in the Ocean soon.

Traces of it are found in our food and water.

But what’s the big deal with plastic?

One problem is it’s made of petroleum, which takes millions of years to form.

So when you throw away your plastic, it’s not going to break down.

Once petroleum is pulled from the earth and turned into plastic, it just exists.

It’s not going away.

It disrupts our ecosystem.

But, what if we changed our outlook on old pesky plastic? 💭

Plastic takes millions of years to create (that’s some high quality stuff).

Something like that sounds like a pretty precious material. One that should be reused.

Imagine if we changed our entire cultural outlook on plastic. If instead of a nuisance it became a treasured resource.

That might make us think twice about just tossing our Starbucks cup after just a measly single use…

So to help, we compiled a list of brands that are reusing plastic and making a positive impact on our environment.

Here’s a list:

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