Mental illness.

It’s affected each one of us in different ways, personally or indirectly.

We see it happening all around us.

For me everything could be a perfect day – a sunny afternoon at the park; and suddenly a work email comes through.

I’m not working right now and I don’t want to respond.

But, I saw it and it’s stressing me out.

My heart starts to beat faster. My hands and feet get all tingly. 

I try to focus on my breath. But the angst won’t go away.


It’s my choice to respond or not respond, so why does this matter.

The correct answer is it doesn’t matter.

But it feels like it does.

Suddenly a friend sends me a meme.

And I laugh 😃

My anxiety goes away.

That’s right, a meme can take my anxiety away.

And apparently I’m not alone.

They’re referred to as Mental Health Comics, Therapy Memes, Anxiety Anecdotes. Whatever term floats your brain boat.

There’s evidence on this stuff

Humor helps take away the power anxiety can hold over you.

Plus did I mention it can help your friends?

Memes can create instant connections that your homies can relate to.

So go ahead – keep on sending those memes. 

It’s therapy.

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