We absolutely love a good collective.

Whether it’s artists coming together to create a masterpiece, musicians collaborating on a no-name genre of music, or farmers joining an alliance to lessen their usage of pesticides – we love it all.

But why do we actually love it so much?

We love it because collectives allow people to connect. They give us a reason to get together based around a common interest or objective. It’s a great way to build social bonds and stronger relationships.

It’s even scientifically proven that creating strong relationships helps you live longer.  Strong social ties are linked to happier lives with reduced stress.

Not everyone would consider themselves apart of a collective. But here’s a curveball, we are all apart of a collective. One that most of us take part in daily.

The digital media collective.

Specifically, the collection of digital photographs and videos that exists globally on the internet.

Every time you take a picture and post it online, in any format, you are adding to the collective. Increasing our accessibility as a community to see the beauty of the world.

There’s a good chance you have been to a place that billions of people in the world will never get to see.

Sharing the world’s beauty with others can have a profound effect on the way they view other places, people, cultures, and environments.

So get out there and keep adding to the collective. It may take some time, but there will be someone that appreciates what you add to it.

And who knows, if you tag our social media channels, @bluedoormedia, we may be the one that appreciates it 😉

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