Meet: Candice aka Her Soul Intention

Candice moved out west, away from her family and friends, in the pursuit of a better life.

Shortly after moving, she encountered some family problems that added a heightened amount of stress in her life, which made her sick.

After many doctor visits and expensive tests, she was diagnosed with lyme disease.

Stress + Lyme disease = harsh and painful symptoms.

She was away from her family, isolated from attending happy hours with friends, and felt stuck in a place where she felt alone.

So she took to Instagram and started blogging on the platform. At first it was just to start journaling out loud.

Then one day her story spiked and people started reaching out.

Not just people with Lyme Disease, but people dealing with their own personal struggles. People looked to Candice’s courage and no longer felt alone.

This gave birth to a community, which she refers to as Warriors.

The overwhelming response from her warriors inspired Candice to take her health into her own hands. She discovered the power of food to fight her disease; and it worked.

As a result, Candice was inspired to go back to school to be a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

This is what we refer to as full circle healing.

Candice created a community by expressing her struggles in a real and genuine way; she was in search of answers. This new community helped Candice by reaching out and sharing how much she inspired them. Ultimately, the community she created inspired Candice to go back to school so she could better serve her warriors.

All this stemmed from Candice mustering up the courage to journal out loud. To express her problems in a way that is real.

And a stranger on the internet saying, “Thank you, I needed that today.”

Candice’s key takeaway on what turned around her health: Celery Juice

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