Sometimes the biggest obstacle between us and our creativity is our own minds.

Putting yourself out there in the World is scary. The possibility of failure and rejection is all too real.

Vanessa is here today to tell you it IS worth it.

“Take the dive” is her advice.

Her art has long been a source of therapy, calmness, and peace in her own life.

When it became time for her to share it with the World she was wrought with doubt.

Until she followed her own advice.

Seeing the joy her work brought to others was the spark she needed to start her journey of creative expression.

Vanessa creates unique, interactive, and dynamic pieces that bring her joy, satisfaction, and pride.

Bringing out those same emotions in her audience is just the icing on the cake; or the paint on the door, so to speak.

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Check out Vanessa’s creations here, and share them!