You know what’s in my wallet right now? At least 36 business cards from businesses that probably aren’t even in the same state that I live in now. 

You know what’s not in there? A library card.

The library card was probably the very first card that I carried around everywhere (Pokemon cards excluded) and now, I can’t think of the last time I had one. 

Sure, I’ve gone into libraries in the last few years, usually to work on my resume or write up a cover letter. 

But, are we taking these amazing establishments for granted? 

Since 2000, nearly 20% of our nation’s libraries have closed their doors.

Libraries are so much more than books. They are a comfortable public place where learning is encouraged. Most offer free internet and computer access to those who otherwise can’t connect. Libraries are a hub of creativity, knowledge, and learning.

As our culture progressively changes, we need libraries to become a beacon of connectedness, contribution, and collaboration.

It’s already happening.

An amazing non-profit is leading the revolution to revitalize and reimagine our libraries. Encouraging them to develop unique public offerings, choose goals specific to the needs of their communities, and keep their doors open to curious minds.

Former President of the Public Library Association Pam Smith said it best:

 “Because of our values, a supportive community and an optimistic attitude, we can invent and become anything.”

Some libraries are even using liquid incentives to attract a younger audience. 

Literary libations, boozing with the books, stories and stouts, read and mead, wine and rhyme, drink and think, I mean the possibilities are endless.

BRB, going to get a library card. Share this with someone who needs one!