We’re all hustling in some way. 

Whether you are grinding 9-5, or in the middle of a creative breakthrough, we try to give our work what it really needs: our full attention. 

You ever heard that we only use 10% of our brains? Yeah, that’s bologna

Our brains are extremely complex but efficient systems and our attention span is like the boss of the whole operation. 

It’s a pretty good boss. 

But it’s not perfect. 

Your attention has probably wondered already while you were reading this.

It’s ok, I don’t take it personally. Mine literally just wondered while I was writing that.

Anyway, the best part of our attention span is we can increase it with a little practice. 

Allowing us to push the envelope and become even more productive, creative, and most importantly, happy. 

Hustling keeps us in a state of mental limbo between our current project and our idealized future. 

The key is: to be present in the moment. 

Yeah, easier said than done. 

The cool part is mindfulness, a state of being aware and present in the current moment, is gaining traction among a huge variety of groups, from seasoned entrepreneurs to young creatives and everyone in between. 

It’s easier than ever to discover mindfulness techniques including online courses, literature, apps,  and even podcasts cover the topic.

Here’s some we have tried. 

It’s also backed by some sweet sweet science

So yes, we can train our brain boss, increase our attentiveness, become more creative, and live happier more fulfilling lives. We just gotta work at it. 

And that’s why we’re here.

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