Listen, it’s 2020 and straws are going out of style. You’ve probably noticed some of your favorite bars and restaurants have already ditched them or adopted compostable or biodegradable replacements. Cheers to them. 

So, what’s the next step?

Big companies are starting to catch on to consumer’s demands for a more sustainable and plastic-free future. I know it’s only Tuesday, but let’s talk about tequila. 

Mega brand Jose Cuervo announced last month its new sustainability initiative: The Agave Project. Using leftover agave fibers from their tequila distilling process, the company has manufactured a line of biodegradable straws that will launch this year. 

They aren’t stopping there. The Cuervo crew has big plans for upcycling agave fibers into all sorts of different products, including surfboards, guitars, and even car parts.

Check out The Agave Project and keep an eye out for more companies shifting their focus to sustainability in 2020. 

Blue Door