Last month, over a dozen community colleges across the state of Washington, got something interesting in the mail. An unexpected check, in the amount of $550,000. 

The checks were courtesy of Eva Gordon, a 105-year-old woman from Oregon who passed away in June with a secret $10 million fortune she had amassed entirely through savvy investing.

There were no stipulations attached to the donations, Gordon’s will simply stated that she prefer the money be used to help disadvantaged students gain access to college. 

We all need a little help throughout life. Sometimes that help comes from a best friend or family member. And sometimes, it comes from a sweet woman named Eva Gordon.

Eva Gordon with her late husband.

Acts of kindness like this not only motivate and inspire us, but they actually have a tangible effect on the future. Who knows what some of the students who benefit from Gordon’s donations will go on to achieve. 

Eva Gordon was described by her Godson as “a person with a tremendous heart, who liked to throw a rope to help people climb.” 

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