We have to get off the gas, but not all of us can afford a Tesla. Biofuels made from corn, soy, and sugar already exist, but they all have their own issues. For example, all of these crop-based fuels require a lot of water, fertilizer, and arable land to grow. 

A group of researchers in Denmark are trying a totally different approach.  They recently drove a car powered by a biofuel made from 100% seaweed. This is a huge step in the race to kick gasoline. 

Think about it, all seaweed needs to grow is the sun and saltwater, neither of which are in short supply. 

Although this is the first successful automobile test using the new fuel, other countries are busy testing out the best way to grow different seaweed species to scale.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI)  is currently working on a selective breeding program for kelp, a technique we rely on heavily in the agricultural industry. 

The future is weedy.

Seaweed can also help humanity in a variety of other ways…

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