Planting trees in cities isn’t anything new. Almost every major city on the planet has some sort of green space, whether it’s a park, greenway, or urban forest, 

What is new is the research on how beneficial these city trees can be. A meta-analysis recently amassed all the data in one place. 

Here’s some of the facts on the effects of increased urban greenery. 

  • A reduction for a variety of health issues, including respiratory diseases and skin cancer. 
  • Increased property value, improved business performance, and job creation.
  • Improved air quality, water quality, and water absorption (think of all the flooding recently). 
  • Reduction in crime and accidents.
  • Improved academic performance and focus.

We often think of city trees as decorations; nice to look, sure, but that’s about it. The science shows us that they should be treated as a fundamental part of urban infrastructure. 

Check out how other groups are creatively planting trees around the world here.

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