If you had a chance to view the Academy Awards earlier this month, you probably didn’t notice anything too different this year.

That’s because things haven’t changed much in Hollywood. Both the actors and the directors of major motion pictures are almost always white men.

We’ve got nothing against the talented people that are consistently represented in film. Or anyone, for that matter.

But, for all the amazing and diverse people throughout history that have accomplished great things, the storytelling seems a bit one-sided to us. 

There’s been a little progress lately. Biopics of Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, and Aretha Franklin are all in the works. But, the limited amount of women-focused films has us inspired to share some knowledge. 

Today we share a list compiled by Smithsonian Magazine of nine women whom they think deserve the biopic treatment and we couldn’t agree more.

Take a look at the list here.

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