We know how good it is for us to move our bodies.

But, if you’re stuck in an office or behind a screen all day, you can’t very well hit the gym for 2 hours in the afternoon. 

Here are 5 tips to incorporate bursts of movement throughout your day to keep you feeling fine. 

  • Jump in place for 60 seconds before a meeting. Just enough movement so you don’t break out in a sweat. You can even give yourself positive affirmations while jumping, connecting a physical change in your body with a positive shift in mindset. Next level boss move. 
  • Stretch while on a call. Unless it’s a skype call (come on, do we really need to see each other), you have the freedom on the phone to stretch it out and move around a bit. This will also help you stay focused and keep you from distracting yourself with funny youtube videos. 
  • Walk on lunch. We love our lunch breaks, trust me I know. But, scheduling yourself a 10-15 minute window of time to walk after you eat will not only help you digest but also prevent that after lunch slump that we’re all too familiar with. 

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