Most of us have the luxury of using a service like Instacart, Peapod, or another delivery service if we wish to avoid the grocery store right now. 

We’ve also seen a ton of feel-good stories about people who are going out and shopping for the elderly and those who are immunodeficient. 

But, some folks who live in secluded areas are really struggling with getting enough food; particularly those who are vulnerable. 

Luckily, the human spirit is blazing strong, in all corners of the country.

Dogsled racer and Caribou Maine native Hannah Lucas is harnessing her passion for dogsledding to support homebound seniors in rural Maine. 

With social service agencies struggling to deliver food, Lucas and her 4-legged team are making rounds and dropping off supplies to residents who are self-isolating at home. 

In an interview with Maine Public, Lucas said “I was seeing all of the people that were coming in to buy like small amounts of groceries. And I’m out every day…the conditions outside are okay enough just to get my dogs exercise and train them for the next racing season. So I figured while I’m out there, I might as well be doing what I can to help out.”

“Everyone seems to be like really thankful whenever we get there or get to the trail entrance. They’re all really excited to see the dogs, and the dogs are really excited and like barking and yelling and stuff because of new people” she said.

We know how happy we would be to see a dog sled team roll up with some TP and a frozen pie or two. We’re glad that folks like Hannah are keeping spirits high in all corners of the map.