Cavanaugh Bell is a 7-year-old man on a mission: “To help other people and let them know that I got their back.”

The young hero, who lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland, started by creating a care package for his best friend; Grandma. 

The idea came to him when he found out his grandmother was more at risk because of her age. 

“One day I was thinking about my grandma and I was like ‘Oh, mommy she shouldn’t be going out to the grocery store because it’s coronavirus season. She’s my best friend.’” he said.

Queue the heart-melting. 

After he delivered his grandmother’s package, he was inspired to do the same for her neighbors. He tapped into his life savings and put together over 100 care packages and some hot meals for local elders.

When his funds ran out, Cavanaugh’s community stepped in. Many had heard his story on local news outlets and the donations started pouring in. 

Cavanaugh was so motivated by the support that he started his own non-profit organization, Cool&Dope, which is all about showing the world that kids can have an impact – no matter their age.

With the donations he received, Cavanaugh opened up the “LOVE is greater than COVID-19″ Community Pantry. The project aims to feed 1,000 people in need within the local community. 

You can donate to the project here.

Cavanaugh Bell has done everything he can to help as many people as possible. His story is an inspiration to us and we felt we needed to share it with as many people as we possibly could. The world needs more Cavanaugh Bells now more than ever.