If you are quarantined with family, roommates, or your partner; consider yourself lucky!

Even if you might be losing your patience with them 😋.

For many folks isolating alone, this is a very tough time indeed. But, there are many people out there who are doing their best to bring companionship to those who might feel alone. 

Pen pal programs are popping up around the world connecting youth with seniors. These programs allow the seniors to feel more connected and help parents keep their kids occupied; a win-win!

QuaranTEENS is a program designed to help teenagers interact and connect in a positive way by playing games, emotional check-ins and exercise programs. 

A group of high school students in Canada set up a free hotline for people to call anytime day or night. The service offers pre-recorded jokes, poems, stories, and quotes. 

Quarentinechat is a service that sets up phone calls between folks who are isolated. If you have the time and are feeling chatty, you can sign up to receive a call once a day or once a week. All the calls are encrypted and toll-free; give it a try here.