As the pandemic continues to wage war on the world, humans are using tech to fight back.

We compiled a few of the most innovative and, well, badass solutions that we have seen thus far in the fight against this pandemic. 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Whose Got the Cleanest Hands of Them All?

In India, a ‘Smart Mirror’ known as Miaza Mirror is teaching people proper hand hygiene. The mirror detects the presence of a person as they approach a sink and then walks them through the hand-washing process recommended by the WHO in a step-by-step 35-second animated video. 

In many cultures around the world, hand washing is simply not considered important. We need to change this as quickly as possible, as the World Health Organization states that hand washing as the number 1 deterrent for spreading sickness. The Miaza Mirror could greatly accelerate behavioral change if correctly implemented at scale. 

Paging Dr. Drone.

In Australia, drone company Draganfly has partnered with Javaan Chahl, a professor of sensor technologies at the University of South Australia to create a drone-based system that can identify and predict COVID-19 Hotspots.

Chal’s remarkable computer vision system can measure heart rates and respiratory changes in people. From the sky. 

The team is working on adding an additional feature to bolster the computer vision system: temperature detection. Outfitted with these futuristic abilities, drone networks would be able to map the human landscape and collect massive amounts of data related to the virus. 

The ultimate goal of the project is to improve resource management and disease prevention. The more data we have the better we can allocate resources and impose critical safety measures. 

Hasta La Vista CoronaVirus.

Xenex, a San Antonio, Texas-based firm is building actual virus-terminating robots. Don’t worry, they’re on our side.

These baddies blast out high spectrum UV light in millisecond flashes and destroy everything from bacteria to fungi; and yes, they work against coronavirus. 

Right now, the robots are being deployed in hospitals, for the most part. But, Mark Stibich, Xenex co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, sees a future where the tech troopers patrol the halls of stadiums, concert halls, conference centers, and schools. 

Stibich says emerging tech tools like his disinfection robots could pave a better future for health care in general. “The same resources that will let us respond to this pandemic and make us ready for the next pandemic can also work every day,” he said. 

COVID-19 has really disrupted our society and devastated communities around the world. But, it has also propelled innovators to push their creative boundaries for the betterment of everyone. 

Necessity is the mother of invention and we must continuously innovate as a society, especially when things get hard.