Last week, we mentioned some of the ways people are stepping up to help local restaurants.

Today, we have a story about an anonymous benefactor and a $40,000 dollar bottle of bourbon. 

The Datz Restaurant Group in Tampa has been struggling for weeks after transitioning to solely delivery and takeout orders.

The owners of the establishment, Suzanne and Rodger Perry, were forced to largely downsize their workforce and an all-out closure was looming over them.

In an attempt to stay open and keep what employees they had left, the Perrys decided to sell the most valuable item in their possession: a 25-year-old bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle bourbon. 

After some research, they priced the bottle at $20,000 and offered a 15% discount for online buyers. 

After a few lowball offers, they received a call from a local bourbon collector who offered to pay full price.

A few days later the man dropped off a $40,000 dollar check. 

Thinking it was a mistake the Perrys reached out to fix it, but the man insisted they keep the change and put it towards serving the community.

Although the man has requested to remain anonymous, Suzanne Perry says she knows him to be a humble veteran and local philanthropist who often hosts events to benefit the community—and she plans on using her business to return his kindness in the future.

“There are causes that he cares about deeply, causes that are really near and dear to his heart and I will support him in the form of catering events. I will promote them, I’ll do whatever I can,” she told CNN. “What he has done for me is going to come back to him a hundred times.”

We’ll drink to that! Cheers, to good news.