Who knew that in the midst of a global pandemic one of the things we would miss the most is our favorite restaurants.

And they miss us even more. 

As more and more restaurants close down, organizations and celebrities are looking for ways to help industry employees land on their feet.

The Mayor of Flavortown has been championing these efforts. 

“I’ve been in the restaurant business my whole life. This is all I know,” Fieri told The Washington Post. “This is what I do. I love the restaurant business, and I know it inside and out. As soon as this happened and the restaurants started closing, I looked at my wife and said, ‘What are all these people going to do?.’”

Guy has joined forces with the National Restaurant Association’s employee relief fund. The organization will distribute $500 grants to eligible participants who are laid off from the restaurant industry. 

As of last week, the fund reached $10 million. Guy Fieri is setting his sights on a $100 million goal. 

“Part of what the restaurant business is about is the feeling. These are people who, when you walk through the door, smile at you and ask how your day is. The bartender sits and listens to your issue. Everybody’s got this personal connection, so when people in the business see the world they’ve taken care of is now taking care of them, it’s a pretty amazing feeling.”

If you are a restaurant worker or know one, here is the link to apply for a grant through the foundation.

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