Anyone who has ever traveled to Vienna, Austria has probably taken a ride on a horse-drawn carriage. They have been a staple of the city for hundreds of years. 

But with Austria under lockdown, the buggy drivers are turning from tourism to altruism. 

“There are no tourists, there is no business at all, and therefore they’re all at home. But the horses still need to move around,” said Christian Gerzabek, a part-time buggy driver.

Although hotels are closed, the InterContinental Vienna hotel and a few others are providing free meals to the elderly around the neighborhood. 

Gerzabek and other carriage drivers have joined the effort to deliver the 250-300 meals a day the hotel prepares. As of Easter Monday, the target group will switch to medical staff on the night shift at a nearby hospital.

“My idea was to combine the practical with something good for people who need it… It’s also a bit of a signal that despite all this we are here for people and glad to do our bit,” he added.