A few weeks ago we wrote about people turning little free libraries into pantries to help those in need of food or other supplies.

Well, the idea took off in a big way. 

There are now hundreds of them around the country. Folks are stocking them with non-perishables, cleaning products, hygiene supplies and even crafting materials. 

The newly dubbed “sharing boxes” have become so popular that the little free library organization has created a country-wide interactive map of all the reported locations. 

On the page linked above, you can see where the sharing boxes near you are located. You can also fill out a form to have a box added to the map if you know of one in your area that is not accounted for. 

These sharing boxes offer a great way to donate supplies directly to those who need them in a safe, contact-free way. They are a great representation of the solidarity that we’re all experiencing here and around the world. 

If there is a sharing box near you, consider tossing in a few items the next time you drive by. 

If there isn’t, maybe you’ve just found your next passion project…just saying 😉.