Starting in May there will be medicine raining down from the skies.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But, last week CVS and UPS announced a collaborative project to deliver prescription medicine via drone delivery. 

The goods will be delivered using the drone company Matternet’s M2 model. Deliveries will begin in a massive retirement community located in Florida known as The Villages. 

The project aims to ease concerns over senior citizens having to venture out in public to pickup routine prescriptions and medications. 

Drone deliveries fall under the FAA’s Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft regulations, “with authority to operate through the pandemic and explore ongoing needs as they arise after that period,” according to UPS

If all goes well the project is looking to rapidly expand to communities with a high percentage of senior citizens. 

The drones are capable of carrying a five-pound payload up to 12 miles, which means drone pizza deliveries are indeed a possibility in the future…just sayin’.