Along with TP, hand sanitizer can be pretty hard to come by these days. 

While soap and water remain the go-to for cleaning your dirty mitts, first responders and medical staff are in need of as much sanitizer as they can get their hands on.

Portland, OR, based Kombucha company Brew Dr. recognized this problem and adapted their production methods to help out. 

Alcohol is a natural byproduct of the fermentation process of the popular probiotic drink.

Typically, Brew Dr. converts the alcohol into a low carbon bioethanol fuel as a part of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program.

After recognizing the need for more disinfectant, the company has pivoted its process to help with the global shortage. 

They teamed up with Straightaway Cocktails to further distill their alcoholic byproduct into 80% alcohol-by-volume hand sanitizer in accordance with World Health Organization guidelines.

This collaborative project is donating thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer across the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.

Brew Dr. CEO and founder Matt Thomas commented,“As a Certified B Corp, being a thoughtful supporter of our communities is a core value. During this crisis, partnering with a distillery to loop our kombucha production into a public health solution is clearly the right move.”

Consider supporting the cause by purchasing some of their tasty ‘booch at a retailer near you