We know dogs are amazing but wow, this story is something else. 

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Eric Johnson was asleep on March 3 when Bella, the family’s 6-year-old miniature Australian shepherd, suddenly woke him up. 

He noticed Bella was behaving extremely erratically, so much so that he knew something was very wrong. 

Eric turned on his TV and saw a tornado warning had been issued for their town, Cookville TN. He quickly woke up his family and together they took shelter in the bathtub.

45 minutes later a tornado ripped through their neighborhood, completely destroying their house. Eric suffered a head injury and his wife had several broken ribs, but otherwise, they were ok. 

“Bella was hiding under our bed when the tornado hit our house,” Johnson told CNN. “She was thrown into our yard and survived and was missing after that. It was hard for us knowing she had survived but we couldn’t find her. She was the piece of our family that was missing.”

For weeks the family kept returning to where their house had previously stood, laying out food and clothing, hoping the scent would draw her home. 

Just as they began to lose hope of finding her again, the family experienced another miracle. With the help of their friend Sarah Lang Romeyn, a dog tracker, Bella was found Sunday in an alley 4 miles from home.

“The whole situation was incredible. I am so very grateful that I was position to be able to help him out.” Romeyn told CNN. “All I am is someone that has been blessed to have the skills that I have — unfortunately, although we use it, I’ve gotten really good at trapping dogs over the years.”

We wish the family well as they recover together and we send 1 million virtual pets to Bella, the best Girl.